viernes, 30 de enero de 2009

feeling better

To heal a sad heart there is nothing better than gossip with friends, hang around, read and watch two seasons of a favorite t.v show. Believe me, it works!

outfit: new jacket

The jacket comes from my latest shopping adventures

sábado, 17 de enero de 2009

so long abuela sauce

She, la abuela sauce, did go gentle into that good night.

My grandmother died yesterday. But I feel fine. Basically because I know that she is with the people that she loved, because we had good moments and because she will always be with me.

lunes, 12 de enero de 2009

new bag

As I mentioned before, I've been doing some shopping, unfortunately my things are confiscated until I talk to my tesina tutor. Direct orders from my Mom, hehe. But it doesn't matter, let me introduce you my new bag. By the way by mobile is alive, weeee!

making friends

viernes, 9 de enero de 2009

a minute of silence

My mobile, my source of power, had an accident and died. The mobile guy says that it may live, it just needs time, let's wait and see..

jueves, 8 de enero de 2009


It's good to start the year doing what you like, you know, watching movies, gossiping with friends, eating excellent food, shopping and having family time... and the year is just beginning!

domingo, 4 de enero de 2009


Today I got melancholic.

When I was in highschool I had no idea of what I wanted to do with my life. I knew I wanted to go to college but that was all. As part of a mandatory activity, I had to attend some conferences on majors and jobs. It was then when I discovered that English Literature existed and I decided to try it.

As I wasn't soooo sure, I didn't study for the exam. I thought, "if the gods want me there, I'll get in" Besides, the test was on my birthday (I took it as a signal). Three months later, the results came. I still remember my mother next to my bed wanting to know if I was in.... I was.

Today, I remembered my first day. I couldn't find my classroom buy fortunately I did find a friend, Mike, who guided me. I still remember that I sat very close to the teacher's desk. I remember Maria Pia saying that she was old as she talked about Rome--all with her Italian accent.

I still remember that I was afraid of Colin and Mario. But they turn out to be nice people and excellent professors

I remember when Priego made us repeat the vowels

I remember when Mario hugged Christian in front of everyone

I'll never forget how much it took me to register my classes

I still remember when Nair used Los supercampeones as an example and we all understood

I still remember Juan Carlos' curls and Linares' accent

I still remember my love towards el maestro guapo, my hatred to Beowulf and my indifference to the Romantics

I remember my gossiping at the social service

I remember my unofficial last class. It was this December. Charlotte gave me my paper back, we smoked and we all said good-bye and Merry X-mas. I walked to the metro station with Ricardo, a recently met classmate, and we shared stories. That was all.

Those days, my student days, are over. Now I'm 20 pages away from closing this chapter of my life and move on. I had a lot of fun and learned a lot.

viernes, 2 de enero de 2009

new year!!

After an amazing 2006 I got the feeling that 2007 wasn’t going to be so good. And I wasn’t mistaken. However, as 2008 was approaching I knew that things were going to be better. I consider it a bridge between a bad year and better times to come. Now, I got the impression that 2009 is going to be so much better and I'm ready for it.
Let's have fun.