miércoles, 27 de febrero de 2008

22 years

4 7 2 3 9 8 5
I gotta breathe to stay alive

and 1 4 2 9 7 8
feels like I'm gonna suffocate

14 16 22
this skin that turns to blister blue

Yes my dear readers, today is my birthday


It rained today and as I'm still sick I decided to cover up. I mixed green and gray since I discovered that I feel atracted to gray.

In a very casual way I celebrated my last hours with 21 years. I was supposed to meet a friend after my class but then, on the way she found another friend. So the four of us (my friend, the other friend, my student and me) decided to go and have a drink in the place nearby. We talked and have a nice moment remembering the old times, haha.

lunes, 25 de febrero de 2008

quotes from the book I'm reading

I'm reading What Casanova Told me by Susan Swan for my Canadian Literature class. I've just read 20 pages but it is really interesting. It is a girl in the XXI century that finds the journal of her aunt. But her aunt lived in the XVIII century and travelled with Giacomo Casanova. For now, that's what I can tell.
Well, at the beginning the aunt called Ask For Adams (yes, that's her name) writes what Casanova told her about travelling. I'll share it with you:


1. Do not set out in a spirit of acquisition, but go forth in the utmost humility, experiencing the same fervour you feel when choosing a lover, knowing a world of possibilities awaits you.

2. Write down what it is you desire and tear your wish into a dozen pieces. Then fling the scraps into a large body of water (ana ocean will do)

3. Travelling is like breathing, so exhale the old, inhale the new and allow your heartbreak to fall away behind you.

4. What you desire always awaits you if you are brave enough to recognize it.

5. Go only where your fancies take you. The path of pleasure and freedom is the best path for the traveller.

6. Arreange easy entrances and exits. Refresh yourself at comfortable lodgings. Then move on to other quarters, and forgive yourself the indulgence of necessary luxuries.

7. If you find a place that suits you, by all means stay. But you will not know the soul of its people until you can speak to them in their own language.

8. Accept others as you do yourself, but see them for who they are.

9. Your journey is not over until you bestow a gift on the lands you have visited, knowing full well that you will never be able to repay half the riches they bestow on you.

10. Go now and at once, taking Jacob Casanova's words to heart: Un altro mondo é possibile!

thinking blogger award

Seeker, my dear, I feel really flattered.
I'd like to pass this award to:
Élika from Another Life. I don't want you to think that I'm a crazy fan but I find your blog inspiring and interesting. And thank God you're writing again.
Seeker from Searching the inner me. In my opinion you manage to balance fashion and deep thoughts. I love your blog and I consider you my friend.

domingo, 24 de febrero de 2008


I've been a terrible mother this February. First because my Croatian friends came, then because school started, then because I was too busy socializing and recently because of the flu. I mean, poor little dog, I haven't paid her real attention, we haven't had our long walks or have a good game. I think she's bored, expecting to receive my attention.

sábado, 23 de febrero de 2008

are you ready for the red carpet?


Today I decided to accept a tiny little job, I mean, extra money is well received. What do you think about my blouse? I haven't wear it since ages ago and yesterday as I was considering what to wear I remembered its existance.

I've missed some classes because of my flu, which is bad because once you start to miss classes, you keep doing it. However, in the mid time I read Harry Potter ( I know I've already read ir but I just can't leave it) and some manga. My friend Melisa from Kore Sore introduced me Nana. It is the story of the different girls that share the same name... interesting. I'm dying to tell you about Atonement but I want to preper a nice post (the novel worths it)

Are you ready for the red carpet???

sorry I haven't left comments but I swear I've been reading you girls. The things is that my internet conexion do not let me comment. I just can comment while I'm at school but because of the flu I haven't gone.

miércoles, 20 de febrero de 2008

the moon and other things

Did you enjoy the moon eclypse? It just made me think how was it in the past. Imagine, the moon was there and the next minute it was disappering.

I have a lot of homework to do and I'm sick--- bloody flu.

readings I have to do and a list of things that I must do

About the party... I hate everytime I have problems to decide what should I wear. It took me about an hour to choose outfit #3. I chose it because the party wasn't extremely formal, and because I thought I looked like a pregnant girl in #1 and too sexy in #2. I had a great time. I met girls I haven't seen since years ago. We talked and dance a lot. It is always good to have a ladies night. Happy Birthday Aida!!

I'm a Harry Potter fan and tomorrow the Spanish version is going to be released. What I love is that I'm going to meet a friend that I don't see since, puff, ages. I'm still happy but not as euphoric as I was before. And about things that made me happy, Yesterday I watched Sweeny Todd. It is really funny how Johny kills people while he's singing. I loved the "pretty women" song. I think he's a good actor and the movie is really good.

domingo, 17 de febrero de 2008

a pre- birthday present

Last year Mario Testino's exhibition came to Mexico City. I went to see it and it was wonderful. Beautiful photos of beautiful people. At that time I wanted to buy the book related to it but there wasn't any. Yesterday I was looking for Beloved by Tony Morrison and I found Testino's book. I was carring my credit card and thought "what the hell?" Now it is in my bedroom and I am very happy

viernes, 15 de febrero de 2008

and revelations continue

I feel confused. Estoy haciendo una tormenta en un vaso de agua. Why human beings do not accept happiness? We have to make things complicated. Today I learned that I have responsabilities at my home and above all with myself. Also, I learned that life truly continues and there are many things to see and people to meet. I feel happy, sad and confused. It will be a long night but to avoid "useless" thoughts I'm going to read. Can't believe things are happening so fast. Did I really believe that I was going to miss him forever? Thank God, no.

Too many things to read
Too many things to do
and my grandma birthday's party is this Sunday.

Life is fantastic. It's such a shame sometimes I don't appreciate it. But thank God sometimes I do.

jueves, 14 de febrero de 2008

fashion emergency

A friend of mine is going to celebrate her birthday next Saturday. She's planning a girls night out and I don't know what to wear. I've considered these three options. What do you think?

adios, adios

My Croatian friends left last Sunday. We had a kind of bruch and say goodbye. Obviously, we take a lot of pictures and we hope meet again really soon. Now, some pictures

miércoles, 13 de febrero de 2008

Mona's hair

Well as I still don't know what to do with my hair I decided to manipulate Mona's hair. Here are the results:

As you can see, she was really hairy, poor girl. Now she looks really small but clean.

martes, 12 de febrero de 2008

my tries

Hey! here are some tries... but I still don't know what to do with my hair.

What do you think?
I finished Atonement and I loved it. It is an incredible novel that everybody must read. I'll like to see the movie but my friends budget and mine is limited, haha.
The semester started and I, as usual, have tons of things to read. I felt disappointed because some teachers, who claim to be out of the system, control the students. I mean, we study literature not sciences- there's not one point of view. I've decided that I rather be out of the academic enviroment than be like them. We as students should make the difference, and believe me, we will.

domingo, 10 de febrero de 2008

little by little

What do you think? Usually I'd have used A but today I chose B

sábado, 9 de febrero de 2008


Well, first stage of this experiment is recognition of the things I have. I want to start with presenting you my shoes

Those are shoes and trainers that I usually wear. However, today I decided to take a real look in my closet and I found these pairs that will help for spring/ summer times:

What I want to avoid is to have fixed looks, I mean, I always wear certain sweather with a certain blouse and a certain pair of jeans or whatever...you know what I mean..... I don't want to change my style, just to give it an innovative twist.

viernes, 8 de febrero de 2008

a weird week

Well, weird things have happened this week. The explanation that comes to my mind is that it is February. In Mexico we say " Febrero loco y Marzo otro poco"

I've discovered several things about life that I don't like but thank god I've also thought in solutions. I know that real changes do ot occure inmediately but I'm going to try. About my desire to experiment with clothes, I'm defentely going to do it. Thanks for your support, I'll show you how things go. I guess I should, primary, invest in accesories like bags and shoes mainly. Also to experiment with colors and prints and fabric. And to avoid my fixed looks...

I'll stop smoking
Revelation: I must be strong.

A start point (?)

credits: if I remember properly the last picture comes from Sara's blog and the others from style and gossip blogs.

p.s. Recently, negative(?) things have been happening to my hair so I want to interpret that as if it needed to be cut again in order to gain certain form. I'll try to do it soon.

jueves, 7 de febrero de 2008

the revelations continue

I know it is going to sound obvious but I feel in need of being creative with my wardrobe. I feel like there is no point in buying or making things if I still don't explore the posibilities with what I already have. I'll like to spend this weekend discovering new looks because I feel frustrated when I'm in front of the mirror and I don't know what to wear. I want to be experimental but the truth is that I don't have the courage.
Revelation: I must be brave

p.s. But when you make your own clothes it feels amazing...believe me.

miércoles, 6 de febrero de 2008

black holes and revelations

Today I had some revelations. . It was a day when bad things happened and they made me think. Well, I already had talked about it with friends and family so in general terms these are my conclusions:

First, I'm getting involved in linguistics and I've found them really interesting. According to my experience, people is so use to language that they forget the power it has. Language itself is an amazing process- I'd like to concentrate my academic life in that. I love and enjoy literature but sometimes it does not leave me as satisfied as linguistics....and let's not forget that literature is also language.

Talking about being an academic, I'd like to be a teacher and share my passion and enthusiasm about things. I know knowledge is power but for me keeping it does not makes me a better person or gives me satisfaction.


"I wanna take a bath with you and wash the chaos from my skin"

martes, 5 de febrero de 2008

first day

Usually the first day of classes the faculty is overpopulated. This semester was different. Different because it was less crowded and because I felt extremely nervous. This is my last semester. By August I should be confronting "real life" (whatever that means). Let's say that today I felt melancholic.
Now the picture is from the subway (here called metro). What called my attention was that the station was empty when it is, usually, full of students. That was reeeeally weird.

lunes, 4 de febrero de 2008

You make my day

I feel happy because I was awarded by The Seeker.
Now, here are the blogs that make my day!

1. Elika from Another life. She's a Mexican girl that was living in Toronto studing her PhD. It is a shame that she has stopped writing. It was the first blog I read entirely.

2.Sara from Sun and tan. The first time I read it, I loved it. she uses nice pictures and writes about fashion, movies and other things.
3. The Seeker from Searching the innner me. She presents her everyday outfits but also writes about interesting things.

4. Capitán Burton from El cliente nunca tiene la razón. He works in a book store and shares his adventures with the world. It is impresive what customers can do or say.

5. Key from La bruja del cuento. Love the pictures and love what she thinks about fashion

6. Imelda. She is an interesting girl that studies Art history. What impresses me is her budget related to clothes. She has a nice taste.

7. Romeika from A room of one's own. Well, she likes Virgina Woolf and cinema. Her comments on movies are great- and her opinion about other things too. I find her really interesting

8. Mel from Kore Sore. I find interesting her love to Japanesse culture. And she's really sweet.
9. Kenshin Fa from Pesimismo no ortodoxo en acción. She has an elevated imagination- and paranoia.
Well girls, we'll keep in touch. Thanks for reading me. :)

domingo, 3 de febrero de 2008

visiting Mexico: Teotihuacan

Well, my friends from abroad are in Mexico and we took them to Teotihuacan, an archeological place. The last time I visited the ruins I was 8 years old, so it was a nice reencounter. We had a great time..all of us ended tanned and tired. However, to balance our day we ended up watching the super bowl and eating sopes. Also it was the first time I drive in the highway- I used to drive just in streets and avenues. I'm an adult now.
Once more, tomorrow I must come back to reality and for an unknown reason I have a lot of things to do:
1. Prepare a paper for a conference (otherwise I'm out)
2. Prepare my English classes
3. Read Shakespeare
4. Read literary theory
5. Be with Croatian friends
6. Finish Atonement (Yes, I've been reading it for three weeks)
7. Finish my sweather.
And the worst is that I'm coming back to school next Tuesday- I love vacations.

sábado, 2 de febrero de 2008


Dear YOU in charge of the birthday presents:

I know I've not been a perfect girl during this year; however I think I deserve this as a birthday present

It is the Walkman video MP3

4GB Built-in Memory
Store up to 2,450 songs or up to 15H of video

High Quality Video Playback
Battery Life. With up to 33 hours of audio playback and up to 8 hours of video playback 1.8"

Compatible with Secure Windows Media Audio

Supports playback of MP3 and WMA DRM and non-DRM audio files downloaded from multiple sources. Will also support AAC non-DRM content

FM Tuner with 30 Station Presets

Initial Search. Use the first letter of the song, album or artist to easily find the music you are looking for.

More information at: sonystyle.com

viernes, 1 de febrero de 2008

my favorite month

Today February starts and I love February...interesting things happen in this month, including my birthday.

Please be happy and enjoy the month