miércoles, 30 de enero de 2008

unexpected mails, movies and Mona

I'm really happy because I received an "unexpected" mail. It is related to academic things, I'll tell you later.
Well, today I went to the movies and watched El orfanato. I really liked it and it was as I expected, something similar to El espinazo del diablo. I don't know why but I'm getting interested in cinema. As they say "Más vale tarde que nunca". I'll read something about it. Talking about reading, I'm not reading as I should. I must focus on school. Can you believe that I'm coming back to school next Monday? Yes, 18 weeks of hard work and no social life, haha.

Today's look. Pretty similar to the one of the weekend. I don't know why but I'm into jeans,tunics and flats. I just love them.
I just can't believe Mona was tired the whole Monday and part of the Tuesday. Look at her, she did have fun.

lunes, 28 de enero de 2008

my favorite

Here she is. My favorite jacket.
What can I say? We've been together for some years. She has saved me from colds, she has been there matching with all my clothes. She can protect me against wind and rain. I've tried to find similar jackets but I can't. She is unique and I love her.

domingo, 27 de enero de 2008

My uncle/cousin invited me to the countryside for the weekend. Many members of the family were present and we had a good time. I played tenis and I must tell that my whole body is aching. I'm not used to exersice. I'm such a shame.
I took Mona with me and she did have and excellent time, she was running, playing and barking.
We are tired and tomorrow our normal activities must go on. It was a nice mini break.

Coming back- really tired.

I'm going to study Italian, let's see what happens

jueves, 24 de enero de 2008

some outfits

I've told you before that I'm not a fashion victim. I love clothes- I'm an admirer. However, I'd like to show you some of the outfits that I really like, maybe you can give me ideas to make them more interesting. This week I wore shoes but as I'm not used to them I'm really tired, I miss my trainers, haha. I'll keep trying because I liked how I looked with them, they made a difference.

martes, 22 de enero de 2008

quote of the day

An interesting quote for literature students. (I think)
This is said by Emily Tallis, Cecilia's mother, characters from Atonement

"She has lolled about for three years at Girton with the kind of books she could equally have read at home- Jane Austen, Dickens,Conrad, all in the library downstairs, in complete sets. How had that pursuit, reading the novels that others took as their leisure, let her think she was superior to anyone else?"

my new friend

I know my hair is short but if I use it, it creates a look that I really like.

domingo, 20 de enero de 2008

outfit of the weekend

Yesterday I went to the movies and watched I am legend, eeeh, my uncle took me. All I have to say is that I did not like the end.

I also went out with my friends. Here's my outfit
A close up to the blouse. I love the fabric


Grandma has been pretty cool with me. She decided to give me this:

jueves, 17 de enero de 2008

7 things

I was tagged by The Seeker, so, seven things about me:

1. My guilty love are fashion magazines. Althought I'm not a trendy girl I love to see beautiful clothes.

2. I'm not into shoes. I'm used to wear trainers BUT, as a kind of a resolution, I've decided to give them a rest and use shoes. The problem is that I don't have many, so let's say it's an excuse to go shopping. Right now, I love flats.

3. I wear glasses since I was ten. When I was 15 I started to use lenses. As I lost one lense, during a year and a half I used my glasses again. My doctor says I'm not a candidate for the surgery because I have a delicate cornea. Wearing glasses is complicated all I have to say is that I'm used to them.

4. For twelve years I studied in a religious school. And I survived. Everything changed when I started to go to the university, four years ago. I'm studing English Literature and I love it.

5. My current love is Adam Brody. I stopped loving Hugh Grant for a reason unknown to me.

6. Everytime I write something I forget it. It is as if I were taking it out on my system by putting it down.

7. I practiced synchronized swimming for several years. I abandoned it because it was excesively demanding. To many worries for an underage girl.

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domingo, 13 de enero de 2008

Mona is angry and she refuses to tell me why.

sábado, 12 de enero de 2008

about movies

Yesterday my dear cousin took me to the movies, we watched We own the night. I must say I still don't know what to feel about the movie as it was not that bad or good. However, I liked Joaquin Phoenix and Eva Mendes' performance, and talking about her, the clothes she wears are amazing, also the make up.

As I was feeling sad because I lost my mobile phone (but my mom already bought me a new one exactly the same as the lost one, I just hope it does not become a curse over the pink mobile) and other stuff (yes, I almost lost my head this week) I decided to refuge in books. Right now I'm reading Atonement by Ian McEwan. I have only read 50 pages but I'm loving it. The movie is coming too but I don't know if I'm going to see it, not because it's based in a novel I've read but, mainly, because Kiera Knightley does not convince me as an actress. However, there are movies that I'd like to see: In the land of women- just because Adam Brody is there. And El orfanato as it reminds me to El espinazo del diablo, but reloaded. And I hope my cousin would take me to see I am legend.

miércoles, 9 de enero de 2008

Primer libro del año

Por fin superé mi etapa de negación hacia las lecturas y me puse a leer. Después de intentar con varios libros me quedé con Miguel Street escrita por V.S Naipaul en 1959. La novela se puede considerar un conjunto de historias de los personajes que viven en Miguel Street, sus problemas, su estilo de vida y la diversidad de sus personalidades. Todo comienza con Bogart, pasando por las primeras experiencias del narrador en esa calle, cómo fue creciendo y cómo salió de ahí. También hace referencia a acontecimientos históricos que ayudan, a Naipaul, a hacer, con sutileza, una crítica social bastante interesante. ¿Qué más puedo decir? A mí me gustó mucho y lo recomiendo. Por otra parte, no hay que olvidar que Naipaul es ganador del premio Nobel, si no mal recuerdo.
Cosas que me gustaron mucho:
- La caracterización de los personajes a través de su forma de hablar
- Las sabias palabras de Hat y que su historia fuera la ultima en ser contada
- Los "calypsoes"

martes, 8 de enero de 2008

palabras sabias

Dicen por ahí: "Aveces no es tanto el modelo, sino el kilometraje"

Hay tanta verdad oculta.

sábado, 5 de enero de 2008

a poem

When I was 15, love used to impressed me so easily so I was always looking for poetry that could satisfy my needs of endless love. One of my first discoveries was Gustavo Adolfo Becker. Recently, I remembered him and read him again and I found a poem that I think, kind of, portrays my feelings. Now, unfortunately, he has stop being one of my favorites but it was a good flash back.


Es cuestión de palabras, y, no obstante,
ni tú ni yo jamás
después de lo pasado convendremos
en quién la culpa está.

¡Lástima que el Amor un diccionario
no tenga dónde hallar
cuándo el orgullo es simplemente orgullo
y cuándo es dignidad!

jueves, 3 de enero de 2008

new year, last purchase

I spent New Year's Eve with my family and it was cool. These celebrations have become the only moment when I can be with them, so I enjoyed.
It has only been four days but the year is going fine. Today (well, yestarday) I acted according to one of my resolutions that consisted in being more active: I say what I wanted to say without caring the consequences. Unfortunately, things did not turn out as I wanted but at least I did something about it. As I said before life continues..
I'm going back to school next Monday so vacations are over for me although officially classes start in February. I have to do this thing called "social service". I'll miss my bed and being with Mona.
Today I did my last shopping of the "X-mas season" well, I don't know how to call it but you know that everybody does a lot of shopping this time of the year. Mind the pictures, I don't have a proper camara.
Once more, Happy New Year