miércoles, 24 de diciembre de 2008

dear Santa

Dear Santa, this year I've been a good person, so I think I deserve what I'm going to ask you

1. That my favorite bands come to Mexico.
2. That my friend A. gets her opportunity with el muchachón
3. More free coffee and nice conversations
4. That my crazy next door moves out to Transylvania with aaaall her family

I'm not asking too much, I know you can do it. Thanks.

Merry Christmas

Hey, I hope you have a great time accompanied by your family and your beloved ones. Love, peace and tons of hugs!

martes, 23 de diciembre de 2008

sharing stories

Lately, Grandma, I call her Abuela Sauce, has been telling me stories. About her life, her work and the family. Actually we had a great time watching some pictures. She has been a story teller since I can remember, however, now I'm determined to pay real attention and to keep her words deep in my memory. I got the impression that it would be the last time that I'm going to hear them. Not because she's dying but because she's forgetting. I hope that next year we might have good moments, good memories to share.

lunes, 22 de diciembre de 2008

I did it again

So, as if I had nothing to do, I decided to organize a marathon of "The OC", the third season. A friend offered herself so we watched, at her place, 13 episodes in a row. But as it was getting late, we had to stop it because I had to leave and go home. Yesterday, I finished all the episodes. However, instead of being tired of being in front of the t.v, now I want to watch "The Tudors" but maybe until next year.

domingo, 14 de diciembre de 2008

getting in touch: Nadine Gordimer

Last month, on November 19, Nadine Gordimer, nobel prize winner, visited my faculty. She came to Mexico as part of Carlos Fuentes' celebrations. Fuentes is a succesful Mexican writer. The festivities lasted about a month. Well, Gordimer came to the faculty because she wanted to chat with us, literature students, to know what's in our minds.
The interview was great. I liked the way she answered. I must say that I've just read one of her books, so I can't give you my opinion about her work. However, she seems a very kind person, interested in the social problems that affect her country and the world in general. What I liked the most is that she didn't present herself as a victim of the regime, instead, she seems aware of her own place and tries to help from that position.

She answered all our questions.

I was afraid that I might not like her as a person, you know, there are amazing writers who know how to work with words marvelously but they are horrible inside. Luckily, Gordimer was brilliant, the things ended up better than what I expected.

pic 1. Nadine Gordimer at Carlos Fuentes' talk
pic 2. Nadine Gordimer and Nair Anaya at the faculty

sábado, 13 de diciembre de 2008

news: I'm back

Weee, I got it!!!!!
Last week I had the chance to buy The Killers' latest album, Day & Age. I'm still listening to it, deciding whether I love it or not. What I can certainly tell you is that I love Brandon Flowers and I'm so happy that he no longer has a mustache :D

On the other hand, Oasis concert was fantastic. It was my first time and was better than what I expected. Although the auditorium and my place weren't perfect I enjoyed it. Besides, the company was great. They didn't sing Stop Crying your Heart Out but I got the chance to listen to Don't Look Back in Anger and many others that I love. Liam sang Songbird in the most sweetest way, love him. Wonderwall was the most sung by the audience, such a classic! I bought a t-shirt. I'll show it later.

I hope you're getting ready for the festivities that are coming. I've been involved in so many things that I abandoned the bloggersphere, but I'm back, I swear.

I miss you guys, really